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I have a 2008 14 and looking to get a map for her and soon to have KR Tuned slip ons. I cannot afford a dyno as around here in Coralville IA. They are asking a raping of $500-$700. Dynojet maps would work but I do not know how to tune them right without dyno. I been doing a lot of reading up on jeffomaps.com and most of the info are years old. I did talk to him and seems very knowledgeable. A lot say he is best for zx14 maps next to being dyno. Anyone here can shed some light on this? Will not be till next month when I can get one. I will try dynojets for now as 3 weeks till I take the plunge of happy ness (marriage). Maps are $75. I am thinking he has gotten a lot better over the years. Some have taken there bike with the map they bought off him and got it dyno. Some say its close but the a/f are a bit more wiggly then a dyno map. Thanks in advance.

  • with regular style slip ons like KR tuned you do not need a power commander. And especially a terrible map you will pay $75 bucks for.

  • full exhausts will utilize a PC much better. I don't see any top racers running Jeff-O maps. Save your money.

  • I thought I would need a pcv for any slip ons due to the more exhaust flow. I do not want it to run rich or lean. Burn a piston up too. I would rather make my own map if I knew how to. All info I see about Jeff o maps are from 2009-2011. Nothing really current. I can read what people say on his sight after getting the map.

  • Nope. Only time you would need a PC on the 14 with slips are with an exhaust tip short exhaust with no baffle like voodoo or something like that...

  • No map is way better than a shitty map with slip ons

  • Good to know them. Might sell the pcv then. I do not plan on adding a full system or eliminating the cata. All stock with slip ons would be fine for me.

  • With those KR Tuned pipes, you will be fine.

  • Roger that.

  • Metro Suzuki in cedar rapids does dyno work for less than $200

  • Never heard of them before. Will look them up.