Jack Linden shared Yamaha Society Thailand's video to the group: Kawasaki W650.


Okay not a W, but I liked the spirit... Associating a memorable, important moment of one's life to an SR It COULD have been a W!)... good idea.

And more genuine than the Triumph-like lifestyle checkered-shirt-beard-IamSoCool regular bull...

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  • I am planning to get a used one

  • More genuine?! I don't think so....who uses a 35mm camera in the age of digital? Or uses non-waterproofed luggage? Or rides in a bunch of similarly attired buddies who all ride the same machine?! It's all just aspirational lifestyle marketing....

    I do like the SR400 as being 'just a bike', in the same way the W650 is.

  • kawasaki w800