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Since the W is now defunct, could this be an alternative ?

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  • Could the Triumph Street twin be the alternative ?

  • Closest bet, at the moment, I'd say.

  • Nope. There's no alternative, just a different era.

  • Not for me, it's way too big. I also have a Zephyr 550 and Kawasaki replaced the Zephyr range with the W650 - be interesting to see what, if anything they replace the W800 with.

  • pretty with that kit ...

  • The engine looks more like the DOHC model that came later and isn't nearly as sought after as the SOHC. I rode behind a guy who had one with aftermarket exhaust, ohlins shocks, etc... and it was pretty and sounded great. I still guarantee the bike would have bored me to tears the way a VFR800 does. Smooth is bad :)

  • I was set on buying another bike last Autumn. Rode lots. I've always been attracted to the VFR750 and 800s, until I rode one. And I imagine that the VFR800 does everything better than the CB1000.

  • Feelin' old.

  • Don't really know if it does... The reviews for this bike were perfect... The bike was great on everything... But just as the looks... It kind of felt an underachiever! All in all it still is a great bike! Just doesn't excel on anything... A friend of mine had one and trade it for a t120. He says the triumph has better looks, better engine torque and confort...Roughly the same price.

  • God no, this thing is ugly!

  • Jack - I see what you did there... ;)

  • Yes, Jack is messing with us, again. Having a good chuckle, at our expense.

  • Nothing special, two cilinders too much, and black rims.

  • 4 cylinders in line have never done anything for me. Never owned one, never intend to. I'm a twin guy, usually Vees. But there's no denying what a beautifully finished and classy bike Honda brought out here. I really like the CB1100 as an object.