• Jack Linden shared Born To Quilt France's photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

    Group admin, if it's okay with you...

    Totally off topic, but we W lovers are also dog lovers, aren't we ?

    Feel free to spread around #stopyulin2015

    • Ah, sorry... I misinterpreted. No, no debate sought really, more like spreading the news and let it be known. Yet the discussion veered more towards the appropriateness of the post (which I preemptively apologized about) than the subject matter itself...

    • Discussion goes wherever it goes. I always figure if you need to apologise for a post in advance then you already know it shouldn't be posted. But yeah the discussion ended up more with why focus on this issue when issues x, y and z might be better to focus on, this one just seems to be this months social media darling next month it might be back to factory farming, or human trafficking, or herding dolphins into the shallows and brutally killing them with machettes, or caged dog fights, rhino poaching, or any of the many many many issues out there in this world. Usually though they show some kind of inroads to a solution to the matter at hand rather than just announcing hey look this is going on. We don't have a solution or any hard facts or further information, just hey look at this post saying that this happens and you people at home should feel bad about it.

    • And there is a stunning blonde chick here whom I really impressed by posting this on the group's page :v

    • Ahh sex the purest of motives.

    • Hey Scott John Heckingbottom are you guys still at your original store?

    • Just opened our new place, setting up still but big party there in a few weeks to celebrate reopening

    • Cool, i just looked at the 66 motorcycles page and that you are just off stock rd. I will call in to check out your new store when its up and running. really admired the bikes you guys do!

    • Seems to me tuna needs some attention.

      Impressing a chick can be done with e.g. a chicken stew.

      And don't overlook the fact that most dogs love sidecars. [At last some link to somebody's W!]

    • This one does away with sidecars, Kris. :P

      Bundy - the 'fastest dog in the world'. I had the honour of shaking hands/paws with him at a bike show in 2008, Sydney.

    • I was so jealous of his fast, jet-setting & pampered superstar lifestyle, I cursed at him: "You sonofabi+ch!" :v