Jack Linden shared a link to the group: Kawasaki W650.

My favorite W650 version : Burnt Orange with black rims. Unfortunately Japan only... :/

  • What a beauty Jack

  • Yep... The Japanese domestic market always gets a bunch of versions the rest of the world does not... Well, at least we got the W alright !

  • Maybe weird coming from me... but couldn't it be replicated with PD?

  • You definitely caught me off guard :/

  • Funny :-)

    But actually, I'm kind of serious about it. It could be done, no?

  • The wheels are no problem, regular matt black with glossifier. Actually PlastiDip came up with fancy products lately such as metallizers. For the chrome part.... I don't think so. Nothing can pass for chrome as well as chrome! However... There is self-adhesive chrome-like sheets available, I just wonder how to avoid wrinkles on non-plan surfaces such as tank sides. Might be worth a try.

  • Well, I don't do chrome either :-/

    So now you know how to spend your time in Stow :-P

  • A Halloween Jack-o-Cycle? Here's your helmet ...

  • A real beauty!!!

  • head light

    front dender

    rear fender

    left cover

    right cover

    CALIPER-SUB-ASSY (not sure what)


    seat skin


  • That helmet? Indeed!

  • beauty