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Hey guys. My 2015 650 is having bad vibrations in the front fairing. It is not about the feeling but about the noise that it makes. I already went to my dealer but I was told, after 20 min ride, that it's OK. But it's freaking not! I am going to another dealer this week but I just wanted to get your opinion. I have two issues related to vibrations: first is that the engine started to sound like it is "knocking", like something is not ok. My thinking is that those new rubber mounts for the 2015 model are loose. But after a while I figured the engine is fine it is the front the is doing that(again, I think because of the mounts). Second issue is that my gauges were buzzing. When I pressed on them it stopped. Now this no longer occur but the front is just buzzing. I have another issue with weird electric/sizzling noise when I am breaking, and it changes immediately after I touch the front break level. Anyway, I tried to record the sounds but I only had my hands-free available so I put a foam around the microphone and this is the result. Please let me know if you are experiencing something like this because the bike wasn't doing any of this when it was new...and not it has only 2500km.

  • For starters I would change the oil with a fully synthetic one. The first oil change is crucial because this is the first dirt from the engine trying to get off. I would also change the oil filter. Usually engines clean of metal engine deposits on the first 10.000-15.000 kilometres while the engine break in period is occuring.

    Then I would check the 4 bolts under the ignition area to see if they are loose so I tighten them up. On new bikes the manual says to go for a loose bolts and screws inspection after 3000kilometres and is caused by the break in period of the vibrations of brand new metal parts that need re-adjustment..

    Also check the front end bolts that are behind the engine coolant tank on right side and on the opposite side under the left fairing and a bit below the turn signal.

    For the rattles of the dashboard you can put some 3M foam double sided tape to make it more firm. Also there is a small plastic lip that can get some soft rubber there also. You can find photograps if you google "Versys rattles"

  • Thanks Giorgos Sp I didn't wanted to do any of this since I have the bike only 4 months so that has to be covered by the warranty. I just wanted to know that the noises are not ok.

  • Noone can be 100% sure from a youtube video. I suggest to change dealer if you are not satisfied enough or if you think they are not taking care of your bike at the level you want.

  • Sorry cannot help, have you tried to consult with any versys rider in your country who knows they have some dealer that very cooperative.

    At least I finally found one on my country, although it cost me almost 90km apart one way. But it worth it especially when you ride Versys

  • I went to my dealer, which is the official importer for my country. They said it was OK. This week I am going to another one that is close by and if that won't change anything I have a few other dealers available in close distance. I won't give up easily.

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