It s MOT day

It's MOT day!

2001 model, now with nearly 3500 miles on the clock.

Hopefully all we be well!

  • looks remarkably like the first model W650 from 99/2000 with that seat and colour, mines a 1999 model.

  • Hi, mine was registered in February 2001. I'm thinking it is the "old" design. Do we know how to identify this from the frame numbers?

  • It is the old design. You can tell by the seat, handle bars and knee pads. I would say its an A1. Really nice looking bike should serve you well.

  • Hi Keith Brettell, yes it should, I currently do less than 1000 miles a year, it has done 3500 miles and I'm 60.

    "Do the Math" as they say.......

  • Not trying to beat you dave but I'm 64. I've done about 2000 on my w650 this year which had done 10000 when i purchased it just before christmas. I've read these bikes can do really high milages before needing a rebuild.

  • Well done Keith Brettell, I am only a fair weather biker, but really enjoy the W.

    I have to say, since I passed my bike test in 1970 on a Bantam, this is the best all round bike I have ever owned.

    I like the slight "over engineering" of the design, and I'm looking forward to many more years of riding....... I'll maybe use the electric start one day!

    Cheers, David

  • Well I've owned mine from new amd have covered over 51k miles did have engine issues. The O rings on oil feed pipe gave up the ghost. Top end strip. But internals looked good ;-)

  • EJ 650 A1 was their first model, Beginning frame numbers were JKAEJ650AAA000001 or JKAEJEA** XA000001 , mine was the 7532nd bike produced.

  • I own the 5314 (engine 5361)

  • Yea whats with the diff engine numbers? my engine is 7556

  • Engine # were attached to differnt models.

  • There's always a little gap between frame and engine number, and this is the same for any brands