It s been 3yrs and 9months since my son was diagnosed with kawasaki disease and...


It's been 3yrs and 9months since my son was diagnosed with kawasaki disease and he has recurrent fevers every month 102-105. The doctors here in NJ won't help. Leg and joint pain every night,his behavior is getting worse by the day. Any suggestions?

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  • There is an article the Dr Burns wrote regarding Periodic Fever Syndrome and KD that we took into our Dr. She emailed me a link to the article. I'd pass it on if I knew where it was but I think it would be worth reading.

  • Not sure if this is the same one.... 26/

  • contact Dr Jane Burns at Rady Childrens Hospital in San Diego.

  • Our rheumatologist is working with us to figure out the joint and leg pains. However, Dr Burns has made a connection with fever syndrome...our son has not had issues with this

  • Our rheumatologist said it was growing pain but I'm 100% sure it's not that bc he gets fevers with the joint pain and a rash behind his knees.

  • Katana i had to show his rheumatologist all the posts in this group for her to realize it wasnt normal pains..once she seen its actually an epidemic between most KD kids she opened her eyes and saif lets do some research and figure this out

  • The cardiologist won't even help and he been like this since he had the kawasaki

  • That poor baby :( take him to get another opinion

  • Dr Burns is our doctor and the foremost researcher for KD. Look her up I belive she is involved with UCSD School of Medicine too. She has an email

  • I have given them so many papers they won't listen to me and now I'm stuck. I had to go to another state to see the rheumatologist and she has her mind made up.

  • Thank u! I just got her information.

  • She works with another Doctor named Dr. Tremoulet. If anyone may know what's going on its them ☺

  • Do you have an email for dr.burns

  • My ID doc here said if my 2 yo fever didn't go down with treatment then she would go to rheumatology.

  • not off hand Google her name Rady Childrens Hospital san diego and call them for her contact ☺

  • My daughter actually had this problem before Kawasaki Disease for about 5 months. Then it went away for a few months... then Kawasaki. Her heart rate is just like that when she has a fever too. It's so scary. We never really got answers about the fevers.

  • They said it's normal (recurrent fevers) after kd.

  • Magnesium lotion for the cramps. . Best wishes for the treatments.. :/

  • Thank u