It fired up real fast


It fired up real fast.

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  • The ticking is the hydraulic lifters.

    Try running SeaFoam in it for a few hundred miles.

    It cured mine.

  • ^ mine was ticking (2007 vn2000) seafoam, then an oil change and it hasn't done it since.

  • Good job! Factory exhaust?

  • Exhaust sounds better than my cobra

  • Sounds like you have at least on collapsed hla. Don't panic though. It may pump up at higher rpms. Have you ridden her yet

  • I am running Marvel in it right now. The ticking stopped already.

  • Yes. As far As I know it is.

  • No I had not ridden yet. I videoed that after I stopped yelling that is actually started. I have ridden over thirty miles now. And it sounds good.

  • Thank you all. I am going to ride to work tonight.

  • Be gentle with her. Got to wake her up slow. Oh ya. Best hang on tight cause when you twist for the first time you don't want to pull a Wiley coyote and fall off

    What are the odds that David doesn't get to work tonight. I bet he goes right past, calls in dead and tells us he now has 500 miles on biggun in the morning

  • Next step. Buy a bottle of seafoam. Throw 8 ounces in the crank case. Go for a 50 /75 mile ride. Be gentle. Dump the oil and refill with rotellat6 5/40. Your choice whether you change the filter. Go for a ride. After 50 miles ( when you know it's warmed up and your confidence level is as high as it can be) ride it like you stole. Look for the rev limiter let her scream burn the bejeezuz out of the back tire. Your not going to hurt her your going to teach her how to stretch. When you have finished playing you will have a dead quiet tiger under the tank that wants to go play

  • idle is too low, needs to be @ 900 - 1,000 rpm for proper oil pressure at idle....ticking is not normal....low oil pressure....hydraulic valve adjusters not pumping up....

  • these engines will not lope like a Harley.....Harley has 48 degrees separation, and V2K has 52 degrees. Turning down the idle to try and get that "Harley" lope, starves the engine of oil

  • I was not looking for a Harley sound. I had never heard a v2k before. I have since turned the idle up. I did not even know at the time that I could do that. The bike is running excellent not. Thank you for your concern.