Is this the hose that s supposed to be capped off or have a filter in it

Is this the hose that's supposed to be capped off or have a filter in it? Mines had a plug in it since I got it 2 years ago...pulled it out yesterday and was some moisture that ran out

  • I still need to plug mine...the Hypercharger kit comes with a tiny filter that I installed, but Bare said PLUG IT...just gotta get to it

  • The hose coming outa my back valve cover had cracked last year...I heard a weird noise and when letting off the throttle got a lot of popping...I put electrical tape on it to seal it up

  • plugged it right at the cylinders and removed all hoses. Removing (disconnecting) the valve/switch results in an FI warning on the dash. I also tried fooling the bike with a resistor of the same value instead of the valve, but still got FI warning. So I reconnected the valve without all the hoses. I can hear it switching sometimes :)

  • btw. make sure it's not the crank breather you're plugging...

  • btw2. Be VERY careful with loose hoses/wires around the throttle area. I had the throttle (full open) stuck on a wire I put there myself. Bike and my shoulder total loss...

    I use lots of tie-wraps nowadays...:)