Is this an Australian or American group. And can I post my bike for sale


Is this an Australian or American group? And can I post my bike for sale?

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  • The group is for everyone and yes you can post it for sale if its a kdx.

  • Thanks. Yep it's a KDX

  • Cool.dont see too many women kdx should keep

  • Haha I wish I could keep it! But it's just too big and maybe a bit too powerful too. I'm still learning so it was a bit of a jump from a four stroke to a two stroke!

  • Yea its definitely way different going from a 4 stroke to a two stroke.the kdx is a very mild mannered bike compared to most 2 stroke bikes.they make a lowering link to bring the height can also adjust the rear shock if you haven't already.

  • Yeah that's exactly why I thought it would be the bike for me. Because it's not like those crazy KTM's out there haha. I think the seat has already been lowered. Not sure about the rear shock though...

  • American, but there are members all over the world here and even Australia too, so post away (Y)

  • I'm fairly short at 5'4" and a 30" inseam so we modified my 220. Pushed the forks up in the triples, put a Kouba 3 lowering link on it, and bought a torn up stock seat off ebay and cut it down and recovered it. Now its become the perfect bike for me. I learned to ride on an xr100 and then borrowed a friends old 80s ktm300 and fell in love. He wouldn't sell it so found that the kdx's were similar in setup and manners to the ktm300 I rode and went with that. Just had to modify it to make it work! :)

  • Thats a nice setup.

  • Thanks. A bit different than the day we brought it home (pic attached). We ride mostly tight woods, rubbed off all my graphics now.

    Best advice I can give a novice is seat time. Lots of daily seat time, even if it's just on flat ground. Practicing throttle and clutch control, slow speed, standing, leaning, and braking. I use to weave in and around the swings and slide on the swingset in our backyard and set up logs to practice going over. Just riding every day to get used to the bike and then on weekends we'd hit the trails! :)

  • My 97 220 looked exactly like yours when i bought it.i have since dumped a ton of time and money into it.i built my engine to the max with a big bore 240 cylinder and a bunch of other mods.i smoke 450s in the

  • That bike looks great! I wish I could have done all that to my bike but it would have been too expensive for me sadly.

    No way you learnt on a xr100! So did I! Best bike to learn on. I sold mine the other day and a little sad to be honest!

    When I get some more money I will consider a kdx again that I can modify :) they are great bikes.

  • Brooke Lorenz, yes we have 4 kids and the first large bike we bought (outside of the xr50) was an old 88 xr100. So that was what I learned on, but about a month down the road found I was way too cramped on it. So a friend loaned me his 89 KTM300 for the summer. Road it all the time, took it on trails, etc. So lightweight and nimble, manageable power, but he wouldn't sell it. I'm glad he didn't, I love my KDX even more. It really is just having seat time and building up some forearm muscle and skills, lol. Best wishes in your search for a new bike!

    I ride street too, put 10K+ miles on my NH650 in the past two riding seasons here in WI. :)