Is there any real performance difference in year models of the V2K They all...


Is there any real performance difference in year models of the V2K . They all have the same motor.

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  • funny, i just took mine out for the season and was about to post the same question

  • So does my 08.

  • Lol my 04 shames everything around also ... But i think Bare Carr once said that 05 was year most horsepower .. Witch year has best performance i did know

  • Here are the facts....04 05 51 degree ignition advance 06 07 26 degree advance 08 09 10 43 degree advance ...engines the very same except for oil pressure 04 05 72 PSI 06 07 08 09 10 52 PSI...I installed a 04 ECU in my 06 Limited noticeable power difference. 08 09 10 full ignition advance same in all gears unlike 04 05 06 07 which the resistor mod does that...Kawa has paid attention to us over the years and made changes from the rear double pulley bearing ( Starting in 06 and 0.90 wider ( They noticed my 0.90 pulley spacer) to ignition staging. Starting with the 05 limited they re-positioned the kick stand on the down tube to stand more up right. In 06 they came out with the Classic which was about $1300 cheaper than the A model of course the 05 06 Limited produced only 500 each at a $ 1600 increase.REMEMBER THIS .....This engine has 3 tube type ceramic filters one in each valve train and one in the engine compartment they filter and control oil flow pressure so it's imperative that you never exceed 3000 miles or sludge will start forming wich will cause lack of oil to the lifters and you hear the lifter ticking.

  • Continued....I use SHELL ROTELLA T6 5/40 FULL SNY it has 3 forms of Jasco witch is imperative for this engine and a PUROLATOR oil filter PL14610 witch is 1 " longer than Kawa filter and 99.9% filtering properties I have used it for years found it to be the best...SEE PICTURE OF CLOGGED CERAMIC FILTER...