Is there any advantage to the dearer unleaded fuel Someone told me I should be...


Is there any advantage to the dearer unleaded fuel? Someone told me I should be using it in the big zed? True or false?

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  • Ive ridden all versions of zzr's, 250,600,1100,1200 and 1400, all apart from a 400, which i will be doing tomorrow as im riding it back from Oxford for a mate ! Im looking forward to making it a full house , anyone ridden a 400 before ? The fastest cake in the world ??? I cant tell you its scone :D

  • But obviously it would be a C model scone :D

  • Similar to a Welsh /Eccles cake scone?

  • Eccles cakes are in my top ten of cakes , along with custard slices, chelsea buns, cheesecakes, carrot cake ,the list is endless :D I dont have a sweet tooth, I have sweet teeth :)

  • I never met a cake I didn't like

  • Boys can we use unleaded fuel in scones? Where are we taking this topic?

  • Stuff the unleaded, gimme some o dat!!!

  • Never eat the blue icing, several smurfs died making it ! :O

  • Great to hear from you Mark, yep going off at a few tangents this one

  • I'm sort of glad I missed this one!!!! :)