Is there an aftermarket cover for the cover that says 2000 Seems like I...

Is there an aftermarket cover for the cover that says 2000? Seems like I remember seeing one that said 125ci or something also what's that cover called

  • I have an intake

  • That's not the 125CI barons Intake I believe he was talking about that looks like a Knock off of the Thunder intake Love them freedom Pipes I have the freedom 2/1 Combat Pipes great quality

  • Logan i take it your over 6' tall ?

  • I am 6' even

  • The forward controls took some getting used to but I had them on my last bike

  • It's a stretch but it's comfortable

  • There pretty pricey one time i am happy to be short even if i wanted them it could not justify because i can't reach them.LOL

  • I believe those are Arlen Ness Ground Pounders, pipes. They come up a little higher and the ends point downwards, thus the ground pounder name.

  • I think they are freedom pipes they were on it when I bought it

  • They are similar, but the Ness pipes sit a little higher and the cut faces downward. I tried to find a set, CruiserCustomizing used to carry them, but we're always on back order and difficult to find.

  • Freedom Performance pipes sit a little lower, point out, and are stamped with the FP logo near the tip of the upper pipe.

  • Ok these are Ness pipes then no logo

  • Wow good call Rod, I saw them and thought the same thing. I LOVE the radial curves. I think they are the best looking for this bike.

  • The 125 inch thingy, I think he's talking about the Cam Cover. It's no longer made..

  • Yep

  • Phat bike Shane, love it!