Is there an 86 07 250 group on Facebook Having some issues with my bike I can...


Is there an 86-07 250 group on Facebook? Having some issues with my bike I can't figure out. Maybe you guys can help. Bike will start up cold with out choke or anything. Idles perfect. Ride the bike for 5 mins and as soon as the bike gets slightly warm it loses power and floods the crank gas with gas. Because of that it will not start again until it's cold,usually over night. If it doesn't warm up it runs perfect. I've cleaned the carbs 5 times,reset the floats in the carb,rebuilt the petcock, new spark plugs and drained the tank and put fresh fuel in. Idk what else to do.

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  • Have you inspected the float needle when making adjustments to the float?

    Might have something on the float needle and or it could be collapsed.

  • Now that you mention it my brother took them back apart for me yesterday and checked the needles and one tip basically disintegrated. I haven't got to try it out yet but that might be what it is.

  • If there damaged in any way they won't shut the fuel flow off when the bowl is filled.

  • Chris Dunbar Biting my tongue in.., 3.., 2.., 1... :-p

  • Lmao for what Andy Meeks??

  • Chris Dunbar Oh, that Lee seen a carb needle wasnt 100% yet still needed to ask what the prob might be.., I mean.., if ya identify a problem then ya deal with it ffs.., then when that fails then ya come in asking questions.., but.., we are here to help nonetheless.

  • Now I see lol.

  • I had forgotten that he had seen that before I posted. Lol I had posted this question else where two days ago and just copied it over to here. Sorry I just forgot.

  • No worries Lee Fowler.

    Just make sure you put the floats back to factory settings because otherwise​ it'll not run right.

  • The chock have and electronic sensor wants warning up stop running if this sensor is bad keep have the shock open and gas keep running and floating the carbs!

  • Check your choke mechanism. May be a little bit seized....might be sticking on a bit.

  • Starting a cold bike with no choke says you're getting too much fuel straight away. When the bike gets hot it tends to richen up. I'd check you're flight height.