Is the zzr 1100c same as a d engine


Is the zzr 1100c same as a d engine

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  • A c engine needs a c front sprocket even if in a d bike, a d engine needs a d front sprocket even if in a c bike

    Different output shaft lengths apparantly

  • ^ front sprocket is a prick

  • It fits fine, but you will need to keep the coolant pipes of the model you have, as they route slightly differently to each other !

  • Is the oil cooler different on the D model?

  • Oil cooler bolts 14mm

  • Sorry to steal your post. Just I bought a cover for a d oil cooler still haven't offered it up

  • The oil coolers are different sizes if you are putting a d model engine into the c model its not so bad but a c model oil cooler will not fit a d model as its to wide so the fairing catches it

  • I've just fitted a D5 engine in my c1 no great dramas ..had to lengthen the pickup wire .. I have a flat sprocket on lines up perfectly not the dished sprocket like the C .. The coolant journal under the inlet stubs is shorter so changed for the c one and the hose fits ..

    The emissions control system on the cam cover I got rid of and changed for my C cover .. I needed to lengthen the oil pressure switch wire .. Oil cooler is fine, Same lines ..

    Up-jetting the carbs to 160 on #1&4 and 158 on #2&3.

    Other than that all good

  • I understand that the 1200 engine bolts straight into the C model but not the D for some reason. I would imagine that there would be some mods to make it fit.

  • C the goes straight in so Iv been told