Is it just me or does everyone else seem to spend as much time cleaning their...

Is it just me or does everyone else seem to spend as much time cleaning their toys as playing on them.

  • Not cleaned mine for t least a year!

  • I cudn sleep at night if mine was dirty

  • Know the feeling.

  • No you won't either David Walker because you have Dave Craddock everytime you have something new to fit

  • Mines cleaned and ready for uk blood bikes relay this coming week nowt wrong with taking pride in your ride

  • I've only got to get caught in a slight rain shower and the bike will have a jet wash and thorough clean underneath and wax polish to finish, ready for next ride out. I just revert back to my motocross days when the bike had a strip down of plastics, wheels out, chain in oil bath ready for next Sunday's racing... I just love being in the garage tinkering, cleaning or adding a new accessory, it's as good as riding to me...

  • This Ocd does Yur headin doesn it Paul

  • Craig Dago i am a self confessed OCD cleaner of my bike... I can tell from a few feet away the slightest new scratch or bit of dirt.... Not so bad when I'm out and about for a few days touring on it because I just accept it will get dirty until it's back home...

  • I'm the same Paul

  • Wash my bike when I go out on her then again when I park her up

  • Maybe,but o still won't clean it lol

  • Maybe,once a year,i call All Year Biker to valet it,thats enough

  • Time to clean = time to ride

  • No Dave will

  • I doubt it!where's me wheel?

  • I clean mine if it goes out in the rain. Sometimes I'll have a clean if I get bored. When the wheels come out for new tyres I'll attack it with a toothbrush and also clean the calipers. Apart from that I don't really clean it much and I certainly haven't got the time or patience to Polish or wax it.

  • Going out in the rain!?are you mad!??plus,to me,that is washing it!!

  • Lmao! I've been with you when you have ridden in the rain, so I know you do.