Is anyone using a key less fuel cap if so which one likes and dislikes

Is anyone using a key less fuel cap if so which one likes and dislikes.

  • Is putting a key in your fuel cap really that much of a chore?

  • It is when u drive your bike every day

  • I didn't even know they made them.

  • Scott I ride every day, for work and pleasure . Have dine for 30 years. Never felt the strain of unlocking the fuel cap

  • I ask if anyone has one on there bike , if you don't have one. the question really dont apply to you. Thank you and god bless

  • Don't get your knickers in a not mate. Why add another piece of electronic gadgetry to go wrong. The key in the lock has worked just fine for ever and a day. And is simple to fix if it breaks.

    The whole point of the Versys is that is a simple bike free from gadgets and fripperies.

    If you need such things then the Versys may not be the right bike for you

  • Well my cap sometimes sticks and is hard to latch...I put some wd-40 in the spring...and it isn't much better...any suggestions?

  • Have keyless in mine just twist to undo had to drill the original lock out on mine after it siezed up

  • So I'm curious, is this a universal kit, bike specific, etc? I mean, I have a screw on cap on my 74, but that preceded tank locks in general.

  • Bought it from demon tweeks ,not quite a universal fit you need to select the number of bolts

  • Well I'll be darned. :)

  • Darren Elbrow I like how you're being condescending, but then act like he's overreacting. It's his bike, and he can do whatever he wants. Sheesh. This forum isn't for people to talk down to anyone else about their choices.

  • Me either

  • Carla Clark I wasn't being condescending . Why are people trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist. .

    Also does no one have a sense of humour anymore? It's called banter here in the UK.

    Maybe it's time for me to leave the group. I'm obviously too old and senile . You guys wouldn't last 5 minutes on some of the bike forums

  • Darren Elbrow We know sarcasm very well in the US. This guy was asking a genuine question, and instead of you saying, "I don't really care for them" or "I haven't seen the need for it myself," you decided to imply that he's being lazy or silly because he's considering this option. Maybe you can see the difference now when explained that way. There was nothing humorous about your comments. Sorry.