Is anyone selling a front seat for a z1000sx 10 13 plate

Is anyone selling a front seat for a z1000sx 10-13 plate

Also exhausts for 10-13 plate


  • Think they are all the same make me a sensible offer

  • Ive got two sets of exhausts.

  • I've got stock cans from a 2011 model

  • I don't like offering as don't like to insult but have seen them go on eBay from £89-150

  • How much Nath? I'm just wanting to take me akrapovic's off n sell them so want something to replace

  • How much bud?

  • Pmd you

  • Fair one I would accept 120 .00 posted and it's only been sat on for a hour then I put the my Sargent seat on

  • Sorry thought you meant exhaust seats there's some on eBay for 89 n another for £95

  • I've got theses hanging in the shed off a 2011 model

  • Too scratched sorry wanting to trade bike in n take my akros off

  • No probs.

    Hanging around if you change your mind.

    Not looking for big bucks.

  • how much? As could paint over again

  • If you collect 20 quid

  • Where abouts are you?

  • Birmingham or Dudley.

    West Mids. .Either

  • I'm Sheffield would you post?

  • Courier I use at work would cost you an Extra £7.00

    Not here to Rip anyone off.

    27 quid in arse pocket beats 2 pieces of metal hanging on a shed wall☺

    Rub down lick of paint job done.

    I restore bikes as you can see from my profile pic.not much work required

  • I got a 2016 seat and exhaust.


  • Hi mate I have a front seat for sale in very good condition

  • Send pics

  • Can you send me pic please

  • I will send you one tomorrow if that's ok

  • Kurtis Vincent Lowe will do

  • Different shaped seats