Is anyone breaking a zzr


Is anyone breaking a zzr?

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  • yea mate i will have a look through my bits and let ya no what i got

  • OK Mark. Gonna wait

  • cool no probs will send ya pics of them

  • My zzr might the first bike to pass mark without engine work (knocking the wood)

  • I could probably make 200,000 miles, but I would need 10 engines, as ive gone through 5 in the first 100,000 :D

  • These people have 3 breaker's yards. In the UK it's Newcastle under Lyme by Stoke-on-Trent.

  • Colin, You like accelerating and driving at redline rpms?

  • Occasionally Victor :D The bike gets regularly serviced, ive been through 3 gearboxes (one i replaced at £800, but was cheaper to buy a new engine), no3 conrod through block, and main crank hitting inside of cases !

  • Victor don't listen to Colin as he removes the throttles from his bike and replaces with a ON/OFF switch.......;) He also uses Sawdust as engine oil LOL ;)

  • Theres an off switch :O