Is any one breaking that has an engine

Is any one breaking that has an engine

  • I have two spare engines of a day model.what do you need.

  • I have an engine to break and a complete engine ..both C model and both with 2nd gear probz

  • Damn chocolate 2nd gear ! :(

  • I need whole engine Paul can you give me a price

  • They are none runners I just got them for is my original engine with typical gearbox problem. But if you want parts we could sort something thing out.

  • I don't know what I need yer I might just go for a complete engine

  • Ok no problem. Wayne Handyman Waugh.

  • If you go the eBay route make sure they have some sort of return or guarantee coz I bought one that was a runner but had 2nd gear probs and didn't find out till I put the engine in 2months later

  • Yer I'll check that one out