Is a kdx 200 e series a 66mm piston?

Bought a topend kit and the piston don't fit.

Is a kdx 200 e series a 66mm piston?

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Bought a topend kit and the piston don't fit.

  • Yeah That's a 1mm oversized.

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  • You know what???If your cylinder is scored a bit you could keep that fine piston and bore your cylinder just a small amount. Not a problem. (Or send it back and get the right size) It will be up in no time either way :-)

  • My cylinder is brand new. Just got replated........grrrrrrrrrrrrr

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  • That will fit a 91 kx 250

  • You want it?

  • I could probably buy it off you next friday.. pretty tapped right now..had to buy a new suv and daughters birthday killed my bank account lol

  • Best price I could find online for a 66mm. It's a Pro-x which is an OEM equivalent cast piston instead of forged like the Wiseco. ton-Kit-Bore-66-00-mm-01-4285- A-for-Kawasaki-KDX200-1986-200 6-/391050361641?nav=SEARCH

  • Ok let me see what the company says if they will let me return it since I already opened it.

  • I'm going to see if the company I bought it from will exchange it for the piston I need. The gasket set they sent me is for an H series. My only work is this :Please make sure that your purchase is returned in the same new condition that it was in when you received it AND also in its original undamaged product packaging. If the product, or its packaging, are altered, damaged when opened, or used in any way no refund can be given and the item will be returned back to you as a result. Make sure you add any packing material as needed to protect the product as the original may no longer be sufficient as packing material settles.

    Also, please be aware that if you are requesting a return for a refund, rather than an exchange with us, a 20% Restocking/Service fee will be deducted from your refund as is stipulated by Amazon policies to cover our original shipping, order, and subsequent return costs. However, there is no service fee for an exchange (with MX South). If you would like to arrange an exchange, for any other product at all as we have everything, please contact us directly at 561-743-3288 to make the necessary exchange arrangements.

  • Idk if covered in 2 stroke oil for assembly and all the little plastic bags opened counts as "new condition" the piston isn't scratched and I put all the parts back in their little baggies.