In search of pcv previous firmware version I am thinking the current one...


In search of pcv previous firmware version. I am thinking the current one messed up the pcv or that is what I am thinking. Worked before I bought was told. Tps is not reading. Tps is good. Bike does not act up at all when the pcv is disconnected. DJ want me to send it into them. Be close to a month before I get it back. They could easy say is not repairable and try to sell me a new one. Need help. Not really want to run my 14 with slip ons one and no pcv. Afraid she would be to lean and DMG valves ext.

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  • If you've done nothing else it will be fine without the pc. We're a DJ tuning facility, I say this so your not getting if from someone else who can't tune a bike you will be fine.

    Have you tried to go on their site and get the updates there

  • Yes. I have downloaded the firmware from DJs site 3 times making sure I got a good download. Bike is all stock buy KR tuned slip ons. Elevation here is from 480-1671. The if is me thinking all options. I do not know how to test the pcb its self to see if its good. Thank you for responding. I know, its a gamble on used items. How I buy tools off tool trucks at times. We all know Snap on is way over priced. Also, wonder if i jumped the tps wire and wired it into the pcv tps wire? I have the manual but not finding much on it. I do not have the pin read out or wire schematics for the pcv. Sorry for all the questions.

  • It's probably best to call me 301-516-4144.

  • See if I can help you.

  • Terrance Johnson thank you very much for willing to help me. I got a email back from DJ and with the previous firmware version that I asked for. I was surprised really that they sent it to me. After I have updated my pcv 3 times as they recommenced. My pcv is reading my tps and was able to Set it. Something is wrong with the new firmware. My zx14 is 2008. I do hope this info can help you with customers. I can send a copy if you like to you of the previous firmware version. If you want me to still call you. I will be more then willing too. Lesson learned from all this. Update if there is a problem. I am still an kid at heart and got to excited. Hehe

  • It ok glad they got you taken care of