In search of after market pipe and stinger. for an 87 tecate4


In search of after market pipe and stinger .for an 87 tecate4

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  • I have a FMF pipe and silencer in good shape $125 shipped

  • Pm me please

  • Got pics

  • Pm sent

  • I was offered it Paul Botte so wait your turn

  • Todd Munzer do you believe this guy the fuckin nerve man

  • ??? Excuse me I've been after this for a few weeks now and we talked about it in the past. he was just busy with work

  • Before this turns into a shit show Paul Botte did contact me 2 weeks ago about the silencer. I have just been busy and forgot.

  • He offered it to me not you ass clown

  • Comment on your own post not mine dude

  • Lmfao... Ass Clown... don't worry I'll make sure to block you so there for you never get nothing from me. have a nice day dickwad

  • never thought I'd see the day people would fight over a fmf pipe for the T4.....

  • I have 3 fmf head pipes

  • Send me pics please

  • the guy who is selling the way over priced used plastics on ebay has a fmf for $75, head pipe only?

  • Im not fighting over its the principle i post i was looking tp buy and some scavenger comes along on my post and trys to cut me out of my own post efff that

  • ya I know what ya meant.....just laughing because it's the pipe everyone likes least