in case you were wondering what the clutch side of your v2k engine looks like

in case you were wondering what the clutch side of your v2k engine looks like

  • Is it a lot of work to change out a clutch on these bikes?

  • doesnt appear to be. remove one bolt from the left floorboard to swing it out of the way. remove the clamp that attaches the clutch cable to the arm (release shaft) on the clutch cover. then remove the 15 bolts that hold the cover on. this part is kind of tricky as the cover bolts are of various lengths. i use masking tape on the cover and number each bolt hole, 1 to 15. then i use a piece of cardboard with holes poked in it for the bolts and each hole in the cardboard is numbered. so when i remove bolt 1, it goes into the cardboard hole for #1. take lots of pictures during disassembly. you need to refer to the manual for the spec on clutch plate thickness measurements.

  • bolts are different lengths

  • i also had a burr or something on Clutch Release Shaft, hindering rotation, but a bit of sandpaper fixed that right up. when in doubt, document where each part/bolt comes from. download the manual from the pinned post for this facebook group. clutch inspection/disassembly/reassembly info is chapter 6.

  • i bought the bike used. if you'll notice there is some baked on oil between the clutch assembly and crankshaft dampner assembly.

  • You'll see it on youtube

  • Michele Vidal thanks I will look at it

  • If you take the gasket n trace an outline on the cardboard. just do various holes around the outline. You can do away with all that numbering.

  • I could have, but u still have to keep track of what bolt goes where until you get the cover off to trace the gasket.

  • No no the new gasket you trace it before you even take cover off.

  • For this cover, I wouldn't buy a gasket in advance. There is no oil pressure to deal with