Improvement of the day

Improvement of the day..

  • My father mentioned this to me this morning

  • Jack Snype

  • Topher Anonuevo Go

  • I agree it will improve lubrication on this part,... however I wouldn't want grease nipples all over my bike.

  • .... I never understand why people put grease nipplesbon the steering head?? Unless it's RAMMED with grease it's pointless!

  • But the nice thing is that you can decide your self..!

  • Hope it doesn't crack.

  • Good!

  • It's only 4mm so assume that it will be ok. Time will tell..

  • This would be my concern as well

  • If it holds up that will be awesome, may have to patten

  • Let's see what happens during the season.. Starts soon here in Sweden for us who doesn't want to race in cold any rainy weather..

  • Yes, in spite of the grease making a mess this dog will hunt. I'm a believer in spray on dry graphite lube.

  • I lube mine well. Not bad idea.

  • Most likely it depends on where you drive. Here it tends to get dirty and when cleaning you get dirt inside. Due to that, a additional wear. But with this you easily get the dirt out and some new fresh grease in.

  • Any fear of weakening the kicker?

  • Good idea