If you buy a new teryx take the stock fuel tank vent off and put 1 4 fuel line...


If you buy a new teryx take the stock fuel tank vent off, and put 1/4" fuel line on it and run it up the roll cage. thought it was a fluke on the 2014 but nope same thing on the 2015. The fuel tank fill up with wster as soon as u get in deep water!!!

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  • I think that's the only thang with the teryx that I didn't like

  • It's the same on the 16. Went through 2 fuel filters b4 we figured out the vent line just ran into the frame.

  • Well just cleaned the tank on the new one and its fixed the little check valve they use is a bad design

  • Now both of outs run up the frame!!! Nathan Allen figured it out pretty quick

  • Yea after cleaning the filter and pump twice in one ride! Haha

  • Nathan Allen yep

  • Had to do my first one in the woods also.

  • Its a pain to clean the tank and not take it off, but i just through the towel away!!! DO NOT TELL YOUR AUNT SHANNON!!!! Nathan Allen

  • Thanks to Briley Comer for bringing the cleaner to clean it with that day lol

  • what towel!

  • Thats right

  • And put a gas filter on the tank vent hose to keep the dust out. As the tank level goes down, it fills with air, and we're often in the dust...

  • Has anyone ran them up under the front hood or behind the dash?

  • Thats alot of hose

  • I did. I ran mine behind the air filter

  • I have a 2013 and mine did the same thing