If u have ur teryx4 in high with engine off can u roll it will the tires turn...

If u have ur teryx4 in high with engine off can u roll it will the tires turn or do they slide?

  • They will roll

  • Mine won't it will in reverse

  • If I trailer mine, I put it in low in 4wd and in reverse

  • I leave mine in neutral and strap it. Reason I'm asking is it just clicks when I try to start it. I have one battery and my winch works. So I don't think it's my battery?

  • I just had to put a charge in mine.... I left the radio on and it drained the battery....try to jump it to see if it starts.....mine had enough juice to run acc but not enough to crank it over

  • I'll have to try that tomrrow. It's a 14 that I got 3 months ago brand new hold over so battery may be shot. Sounds like most people don't have luck with the stock one

  • Mine is a14 to.....if u got a battery charger you can stick it on it a hour or so before starting it or just jump it.......they don't have a battery meter built in them like a lot of others do.....but I checked mine with a meter and its was dropping well under 9 volts and clicking under the hood when I tried to start it

  • I've got a overhead console with a on and off switch on it....it runs all my accessories out of that one console....I left the switch on for a week

  • Well my charger said it was charged but when I tested it before I put the charger on it was 10 something volts. So I think it doesn't have the juice