If anyone has leg pain from trail riding due to using the throttle check out...

If anyone has leg pain from trail riding due to using the throttle check out the Throttle Maxx pedal. Just installed this week and have not had one bit of leg pain now, plus I think my control is better.

  • Steve Elliott

  • How much iv got a 08 750 t2

  • Steve Elliott, I sent you a message, send me your zip, I'll have to check on shipping. Here's a pic in my wife's 2010 T2.

  • I don't remember where I got this, but I put this larger pedal on mine and it made a huge difference. I just rest my foot on the center hump. I bought it in 2008, so they may not even make them anymore.

  • Gary M. Vick how does that help?

  • It all depends on riding style, if you have an issue bouncing your foot on the throttle or shin starts cramping it will fix that! We ride 40-60 miles each ride in the mountains and constantly on and off the throttle, helps tremendously. It puts your foot in more of a rocking motion rather than pushing and trying to hold it steady. Nathan Holt

  • Cool. I my leg used to cramp up after even a 30 minute ride but since I reclined the seat it hasn't been an issue. Plus I'm 6 foot and 240 pounds so I like the way it sits now much better.

  • Joe Schindler do you have any problems with it catching on the plastic lip near the floor. I just installed mine and took a quick ride and throttle hung and it was caught on the lip. I may need to adjust mine I guess.

  • TJ Castro I noticed this twice, I thought it was the fact I had sandals on and they were catching.

  • Mike Bates it's easy to do. Put one washer under the back and about 5-6 under the front. Way more comfortable now. You will need to get longer bolts for the front ones though.