Id like to register as a business

Id like to register as a business!

John Gardner

Products/Services: Entire line of Kawasaki Ninja motorcycles, parts, and gear. Vinyl graphics, wraps, banners and screen printing.

Location: Minneapolis, MN

Worldwide shipping available!

  • John, fairings have been taken but you are cool for all the rest :-)

  • I don't sell aftermarket anyway! :)

    Anything else Ninja related! Check out the dealer website at!

    I also do wraps and graphics on my own.

  • As with everything John Gardner it always comes down to price, but good luck mate :-)

  • I know all too well! ;)

    We have 30 ninjas in stock. They are our best seller!

  • Of course they are :-D

  • We've sold two H2s! So awesome!

  • John Gardner .., when you make your first $100.000 from the group, I would like an H2 sent to me free of charge :-D

  • I'll let you know if I ship any!!

    10% off gear if you mention this post!! This goes for EVERYONE!

  • So anyone who mentions Kawasaki Ninja Riders gets 10%? .., good luck :-)

  • Discount only applies to phone orders. So, jump online, pick what you want...then, give me a call!