Iam trying to find the world map with all the zzr1100 owners how do I find it I...


Iam trying to find the world map with all the zzr1100 owners how do I find it I remember putting myself on the map cheers

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  • It's in the files section guys

  • Just looked, it's not there.

  • Ah, cheers.

  • I just did a search on the line.

  • Graham Best, Here is the current link I think , on the version posted above all we aussies don't exist ? but on this one we do. http://www.zeemaps.com/map?group=1421355

  • Thanks Bryan now I can show my wifey how many and where everyone is we need a few more in Australia though

  • Yeah Graham Best, it is interesting to scroll around the world and use the zoom tool to zoom in on the UK. It is pretty crowded there but as you zoom closer, you can hover over the balloons and see a lot of familiar names and where they live.

  • Iv'e recruited 9 out of the 10 Aussies on the map but yes we need a few more so maybe one day we could organize our own Ace Cafe meetup ! Sydney ? Alice Springs ? Who Knows...Graham Best Pat McCullagh

  • Sounds good to me I have a couple of mates in tasy with zzr1100 but they don't do face book

  • Just so you know our friends down under don't get forgotten here's how our Ace Cafe celebrates on your behalf. But watch this space 'the Ace' is starting to get franchised around the world. Catch up later guys (y)

  • Pat McCullagh, Late last year I started " following " the Ace Cafe facebook page to see what it was all about. There's certainly some history there and I would love to visit one day. I saw a post in January about Australia day and I was surprised to see a collection of Vintage Aussie muscle cars from the 1970's and a few current models too ! How they ended up on the other side of the world is beyond me ?? I guess some Aussies moved there and couldn't part with them so took their pride and joy with them.

  • Anyone know how to edit as I have stupidly allowed my full address to be shown on the map, never noticed the box to tick until it was too late.

  • Terry Holder You have to go to Deletions on the blue bar at the top left but you will need an admin to approve Pat McCullagh Stephen Parr ?

  • Go for it, didn't set this one up but I'll approve whatever comes through