I was wondering if the 750 on the teryx is a dependable engine thinking about...


I was wondering if the 750 on the teryx is a dependable engine thinking about buying one it is a 2013 model I owned a 650 brute force once it smoked sometimes while going uphill. Just looking for some opinions on it.I previously owned a rzr sold it to buy a 4 seater .

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  • Got a 2011 teryx it has over 10,000 miles no engine problems, leaks oils is about it

  • I have a 13 T2, not a single engine issue. I ride the b*%ch hard!! Lol

  • The 2012 and 2013 T4 (4 seat) motors are very reliable. The 2008 to 2013 T2 (2 seats) were pretty good but not as good as T4.

  • Tough !!

  • I have a 2012 T4 with lots of extras for sale if you interested? I'm located in Georgetown ky. I'm asking $7,500 for mine if your interested. I love mine but don't get to ride after I moved here.

  • What's the difference between a 2012&13 t2 750 than a 2012&13 t4 750 motor?

  • The 750cc is the same, other than that nothing. Totally different motors. The T4 motor is the evolution to the T2 motor And not using any carry over parts.

  • So your saying a 2012 t2 has a completely different engine than 2012t4? Or am I confused?

  • Not the same motor in any way other than they both are 750cc. NOTHING is the Same at all.

  • I'll be damned... Same w/ 13 too? What did they do save left over 750's for T2's and new ones for t4's.... Is there an engine code to know the difference? I'm assuming the new 750 addressed issues the old one had..

  • If you have a 2 seat Teryx 2013 and older you have the older style motor. The T4 motor will not and can not bolt into the older chassis. Some guys have tried with no success!

  • Nick Bruce 12 t2 knock on wood, no issues yet!!