I was out and about on my Dub 650 that I ve had for many years miles and it...

I was out and about on my Dub 650 that I've had for many years/miles and it broke !!!. Well it didn't but the chain did. The split link failed and the chain ended up on the tarmac, no damage done but had to return home in a breakdown truck. Ah well... ..

  • No B-man. Chain correctly tensioned, bike also has scottoiler fitted. It was a failure of the split link that caused the problem, and it's the first time I've had a chain fail in 44yrs of biking

  • Haha! The number '4' is considered as bad luck in many East and Southeast Asian countries (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, Vietnam, Japan & both Koreas, among others). That includes my country too, where about 22 percent of the population is of Chinese descent. Mind you, not all of them believe in tetraphobia.

    Many multi-floored buildings built by Malaysian Chinese-owned companies have their fourth floors marked as '3A'. If a cluster of apartments has four or more blocks, and they are numbered (Block 1, Block 2, Block 3...), the fourth one will be 'Block 3A' too.. :)

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    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ Tetraphobia

  • Thanks for that Azlan. Perhaps I should think about leaving the bikes in my shed for the rest of the year to avoid further misfortune........Right. I've thought about it and it's not happening, the bikes will be used come what may

  • Of course! I was just sharing. I don't believe in those things too (and I'm not Chinese). And sometimes it can get confusing when you're looking for a building here! :)

  • 4,13, numbers marking the ides... Etc

    If we avoided numbers considered unlucky, would there be any left? Lol

  • Yeah, none left. And we have to create new ones... :P

  • I'm gonna leave you chaps to ponder the luckiness of numbers. I've got a bike to fix

  • Bike fixed. When I bought the chain, it came with a splitlink and a rivet link. I used the splitlink originally because it was easier, I also didn't have a rivet tool. When I say easier, it was a right palaver to get the spring link on coz the rubber o rings kept pushing the solid plate out......This time I had the tool so used the supplied rivet link. The job was far easier

  • Good news

  • a spit link is just alright with 50 hp, may be the 5 years...