• I ve heard that its possible for 3 con rod on the ZX10 B to suffer oil...

    I've heard that its possible for #3 con-rod on the ZX10 B to suffer oil starvation due to the oil pump relief valve not feeding oil quick enough (part number of the valve is 16130-1001). I believe the fix is to replace with the 1998 ZX-11/ZZR1100 valve. Has anyone had this problem or carried out the fix?

    • I dunno about that, but I did 2 engines, (Both #3 big end on a 900r) ended up drilling oil galleries and fitting bigger external oil lines.

    • Would imagine.good quality oil with regular oil changes would be the best cure

    • It's a well known fix amongst the GPZ900R owners. The original OPRV is a ball bearing with spring type where the spring goes soft with age. I've done it while engine was out. There's other things you can do as well like drill out the "rugby posts" oil gallery in the sump that was not too well made Kawasaki in the first place. There's a whole host of other things you can do as well including oil pump mods - these are detailed in an article on the owners club web site here - http://www.gpzzone.co.uk/gpzfo rum/activity.php? Good luck!

    • might have a look for my GTR1000 just in case :-(

    • Well I've taken off the oil pan and there is a shit load of metal in it!! I'm the eight owner so have no idea how hard a life she's had at 57,000 miles. There's no point giving up now. Engines gonna have to come out and be split to see how bad the damage is. Not a happy bunny right now.

    • Fookin ell kids my GPZ thou needs a good crank, some nobhead must have fit heavy duty clutch springs and not tightened one properly imagine the fun a hardened spring bolt and washer can do

    • Here's the oil strainer. Good job none of that made its way into the valve train!! I'm amazed any oil at all got past all this.

    • 16130-1058 going to order one noo shells and see from there

    • I'm doing the same Jes, this mod and keeping the oil level at the max is apparently the key to stop Con-rod #3 making an unwelcome appearance to the outside world.

    • it was the horrible rapping noise and not restarting and finding no apparent damage, need to get crank and rods checked for straightness only a whippersnapper compared to yours in the mileage stakes(20,000) but lost count of how many times it could have possibly hydraulic locked till I got her (fitted fuel solenoid valve) new needle valves and pingel high flow fuel tap, tank treated to a trick ethanol proof liner over a 10 month period got it running just twee! quite proud and now we're down to this level,