• I ve got a tapping sound in the motor when I get in the throttle hard Any...

    I've got a tapping sound in the motor when I get in the throttle hard.Any ideas what it might be

    • Mine tapped all the time. Sea foam in the oil solved the problem. I posted a video of the noise a few weeks back.

    • Neutral or 1st 2nd gear

    • Top 2 or 3 gears when it's under a load

    • Ish

    • change oil and filters, after sitting over winter and every 3000 miles. oil sending tubes may be clogging.

    • go to a lower gear. I seldom get out of 3rd or 4th gear in town

    • You know pinging if its pre-detonation.. Its not a tapping sound in my opinion. If it's making the noise at high load low RPM's, my bet is pre-detonation (in essence ignition timing is advancing too much for the experienced gas octane). Timing I assume is factory OEM, therefore throw some better premium gas in it, and maybe some additional techron and see what she does. Next maybe look at the spark plugs and see what they look like. PS does she do it when its hot out? Should be less of a concern being liquid cooled on the heads of the engine, but could be another sign pointing towards pre-detonation.

    • Why not run a fiber optic scope down thru the spark plug holes and see if you have a lot of carbon build up on top of the pistons due to crappy gas in the past. Maybe you do and its raising compression. You can't assume that compression is factory stock at this point. I'd also do a plug chop test (get it pinging, immediately stop and read the plugs). Somethings off, I don't get any pre-detonation. I am however running the stock air cleaner, stock fuel maps and just an aftermarket pipe for a little sound... Now-a-days I just leave the intake system stock and just pipe it... they have so much power that I just go for a bit of noise and keep the fuel economy and good filtration characteristics of the OEM air cleaner.

    • My 2009 has a sticker on the tank that reads 90 octane and above only, so i always run 93

    • better stick with the premium gas....90 octane or better....its all about cylinder compression.....9.5:1 or higher compression ratio will result in lower grades igniting under the strain of compressing....before the piston reaches the timing firing point....that pinging\spark knock is chipping away at the top of the pistons....the end result (if you continue) will be catastrophic failure....and stay away from 104+ octane boosters....nothing but alchohol....will ruin all rubber items that it touches