I ve got a 1999 ZR 7 probably a blonde question but I hate riding at night coz...


I've got a 1999 ZR-7, probably a blonde question, but I hate riding at night, coz I can't see anything without full beam on. What's the best option around this please? Hid kit, or any recommendations for a bad ass bulb plzz, cheers

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  • You might want to think about a xenon bulb conversion from fleabay? Only a fiver for a pair of bulbs and absolutely no faffing around at all, just whack them in there and ride. I'm really happy with my 7r lamps after fitting a pair last year. I have terrible night vision (always did have) and have found the extra white stronger beams more than good for the money.

  • Ooo, will have a look, cheers Rob.

  • I added a CREE LED to my 1981 GPZ, and it is super. It was challenging fitting it, as there is a small cooling fan on the backside that takes up some space. I tired HID's but they didn't stay on, possibly due to low voltage on my old bike

  • Cheers Joe

  • Just had a look, they're a bit more money for the ZR lamps at around £18......and are slightly naughty as they aren't approved for road use (not a problem if they're set up properly anyway). Never had any problems at all at MOT time here on my zx7r.

  • But, at least you don't have to modify anything and can actually see at night (always a bonus in my book!) ;)

  • Don't ride at night, simples

  • Just looked, I only have one bulb for dipped and high, on that package, it comes with a bulb for each... Would it still work? And would it not melt the headlight?

  • Going to a rally in Belgium in April, ferrys 7am and its a 5hr ride. I have till then to get it sorted, lol

  • mmmm, the lamp bowl fittings must be different then. I always thought the lamps were the same right across the ZR range?

  • I reckon it might be worth taking the bulb out and writing down the spec and just sourcing a generic double filament xenon bulb ? You shouldn't be running into trouble with stuff melting unless you have a plastic bulb fitting or headlamp bowl?

  • How about this? It's xenon, so a clearer light and the legal level of wattage. Could be worth a try as an easy option if you can match up the bulb fitments. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/12V-60-55W-Headlamp-Bulb -2-Filament-Xenon-H4-Twin-Blister-Pack-RW872-Ring- New-/331686708811?hash=item4d3a11864b:g:gp4AAOSwFN ZWuhW9

  • The higher wattage will always give a better light but if you're worried about heat/melting you could always let the bike sit on tick over for a bit with the lamp on full beam to get an idea if anything is likely to get too hot. :)

  • Brilliant. Thanks Rob :-)

  • HID lights aren't legal in the uk if the headlight wasn't already fitted with one, so you could have a problem come MOT time.. I got one of these from Halfords for my ZR7, lots better now

  • Have seen the controversy regarding the legality of HID conversion kits on other sites. Strictly speaking they are illegal as there is a tiny delay when switching from one beam to another but no one who's fitted one reported an MOT failure. Though there's a first time for everything...........

  • yeah , this is from the DFT

  • We have a winner. I'll pick one up tomorrow :-) thanks Andy

  • you maybe lucky and they have a buy 1 get 1 free, like when I got mine

  • Hahaaa, my luck doesn't even stretch to that, lol

  • Osram nightbreakers

  • Hi Andy, yes you are quite right regarding the legal issues, probably something to do with 'type' approval - a lot of people do seem to be fitting these kits though. The thing that would put me off (apart from legality) is its far easier to change a conventional bulb and carry spares. All the best.

  • I know someone that has a HID ebay kit on his bandit 600 and its just puts light out everywhere. it over powers the pattern on the glass that directs the beam, yes its way brighter but it Dazzles

  • Yes, l've heard that headlight alignement is very critical because of their brightness. l've no direct experience of HID so it seems these bulbs need matching head light optics to avoid the dazzle you describe. Caveat emptor then.

  • My bikes been off rd for 4mths, finally got her fixed last week. Tried out my night time riding Friday with this bulb, bloody awesome!! Even better than full beams on!!! Thanks Andy

  • glad you found it as good as I did