I took this sticker off the very first kx500 that I bought in 2009 it was a...

I took this sticker off the very first kx500 that I bought in 2009, it was a rolling chassis. I sold it to a guy in Lancashire that happened to have a motor for it.

He then sold it to Paul Coward the guy that currently owns it.

its a small reminder of where this journey started. I met some great people and made good friends along the way. Long may it continue.

  • does it handle any better Jonathon Bell

  • That story was rubbish....

  • ....I new it wouldn't take long!

  • That bike took me a week to sort out what was what.glad you no a little bit more now Jonathon Bell.

  • Sometimes do you get that feeling you shouldn't of put up anything Jon and better to have kept schtmmm?. Lol

  • Not sure how a rolling chassis takes some working out Paul Coward??

  • It's was mix of every thing the other people did lol but I like giving the main kawaski man some sick to keep him on his toes .by the way do you want a 89 so you can start a collection.

  • Ooooh!

    Low blow!

    Any way, I hear farmers are very easily confused about many things,... apart from "profit and loss!"

  • a week ! 2 days of that he was looking for the kickstart !!! Paul Coward

  • Had many troubles with kickstarts and rachet s but as jon knows they don't have there dots line up . remembered that from 91 .anyway jon when you coming sagging sheep in the lakes again. it's good for fitness and spares wearing the kawaski out.

  • I want to go on record and officially say..." a Sheep shagging threesome in Cumbria with a hairy arsed farmer is not my scene Paul Coward!'"

    beautiful people in a beautiful part of the world,.... but im definarely not tempted!

    Thanks for asking all the same mate

  • The garbage can tho for reals??

    I'm not seeing it.....

  • So you can run the entire Baja 1000 with that tank?

  • Seriously doubt it. But I don't think anyone over here in England or Europe will be considering entering the Baja any time soon.

  • Cannae beat some trash talk