I think today should have been entitled XBOX and Beer

I think today should have been entitled "XBOX and Beer".

Pulling out of my mother-in-laws drive on a slight camber, stalled and dropped the bloody bike on the right side.

Thankfully the R&G did it's job nicely, side fairing R&G protector has a slight scuff and exhaust R&G protector on the new Carbon Yoshi's also has a slight scuff but both fairing and exhaust unmarked. Slight scratch on the lower black fairing but it looks like a minor repair. Broke the right foot peg so new one on order.

Right knee was banging but thought feck it i'm off out.

Went to Jordans to get a pair of new PR4's as it was dry..... well it WAS dry, came outside and it was pissing it down with brand new tyres on. At this point I thought "i should've stayed on the f'kin couch with a beer and the XBOX".

Managed to get home ok and the bike is now cleaned and back in the garage awaiting a tyre scrub session.

Some days are just meant to piss us off but thank FCUK I had the presence of mind to fit the R&G's.

Shit happens eh?

  • Pr4 are.mint straight out of the box......I'd sell the Yoshi now that they've been down....probably a little scratch somewhere....go on then...I'll have em

  • LOL

  • Right leg is now strapped up resting and a large whisky in hand :)

  • Thankfully those days are few & far between mate, main thing is you're ok

  • pm sent to you chap. please check your others folder if you cant see it :)

  • Thanks David i'll take a few pics tonight and mail them over. The R&G has already paid for itself with what it protected :)

  • So it turns out that R&G saw my post and bless em picked me to receive some freebies. Quite lucky at being picked and a huge thanks to R&G for the replacement parts and a few goodies included. Quality parts and quality customer service that is rare these days.

    Big thanks to Dave for getting in touch from R&G.

    Replacement kit and stickers will be on the bike this weekend and hopefully storm Doris won't blow me over

  • See,stay away from mothers