I think Ive a leak in radiator the from rad cover when removed i always see...


I think Ive a leak in radiator. the from rad cover when removed, i always see coolant on lower inner part of it. I took rad out today and it looks okay when i pressure air into it. Do you guys think any other rad would fit in that place. One for this model is like $550 CAD.

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  • Took mine to a radiator shop

    The threaded pins that are pressed into the tanks to mount it had fatigued and caused leaks

    They brazed all of them for 75 bucks and tested it. All good since

  • my leak is from the kick stand side pin. but previous owner has covered it with JB weld, not sure how to get that off. couldn't make it to rad shop today :(

  • That's where mine was leaking from. They braised it and it cost me $55 usd. You have to take the tank off to fill the radiator. Make sure you check all your hoses and replace anything that looks cracked or no good while it's already empty. Also check all the clamps that they are tight.

  • i checked all the clamps, filled it and rode the bike with radiator outside shiny cover off so rad is fully exposed. afer a while i saw a drop on the left side pin.

  • The radiator repair shop will clean all the jb weld off when they fix it rite

  • They will probably tig weld it since its aluminum

  • Keep the top radiator bolt tight the leak will not happen.

  • I was seeing the same thing a couple years back....remove fuel tank and check all radiator and cooling lines hose clamps....one is a real bitch to get at and it like to leak