I think it s done now. I m out of wrapping film to. But I happy with it


I think it's done now. I'm out of wrapping film to... But I happy with it.. I hope you like it to guys!?

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  • That's nice. :) I have to drive for 1 hour to get to some nice roads. :/

  • Always strong engine in Kawasaki

  • Yes it is. And very good to drive. :)

  • Handles well too

  • Yes. :D

  • Looks awesome! Well done! Wanna do mine to? Hehe :P

  • Hehe. Yes bring it on. Hehe.

  • Thanks Zsolt :)

  • she looks like she is full of attitude, just waiting to rip up the streets. job well done. I could pull up a chair and stare at that for hours.

  • Thanks Shawn :)