• I think it is time to change wheel bearings

    I think it is time to change wheel bearings

    • Just had my fronts done

    • Get ceramic ones. Expensive but hardly any friction and wont break up as long as they are fitted correctly.

    • Ceramica

    • Aint funny anymore if this happen at 100mph:))

    • Tor is in the building...

    • jepp,u bet Nigel lool

    • Ive had a pair shatter overtaking 2x lorries and had to pull up in the centre of the road. Lucky. I rode it home some 10 miles would you believe.

    • Caused by wheelies :(

    • i had 3mm of play on my back wheel and pinch bolt missing from top yoke ,and worn bushes in forks handled like the merry rose ,couldnt keep up with sunday morning fast lads, now its fixed i batter em just like old times hahaha, suprizing what a difference a tight bike makes haha

    • How many miles on her

    • As i use to preach,wheelbearings are a serviceparts,replace evrey 2-3 year. :))

    • 29000 on mine but been abused Craig Thomas

    • that is just about the same i got out of mine, mine gave up the ghost just past 25k

    • i do ride in the rain regularly though, so not too bad

    • The ball bearings broke away..?

    • yeah cage was broke and bearings gone