• I SUCK TERRIBLY at rattle can painting Just a few plastic pieces I spend all...

    I SUCK TERRIBLY at rattle can painting!!!! Just a few plastic pieces I spend all that time sanding and washing and cleaning. Get the all in one Metallic primer and top coat and it goes on well in 3 thin coats. Then the clear coats....OMG, talk about runs on the most visual sides. One good thing I can say....I have Mastered the "Orange Peel" effect!!!!

    Not sure I want to attempt the custom front fender. All that prep work and the clear coat messed it all up. Make me want to take a baseball bat out and smash shit!!!!

    • That's why painters get paid well.

    • YUP.......no doubt about it.

    • You can buff out the clear coat, depending how thick you layed it down.

    • I am guessing you don't mean a polishing type of buffing. Guee I need to wait 24 hours before doing anything that will make me screw it all up more,,,,,,LOL

    • If you let it dry 24 hours and then do a wet sand and then buff it with a buffing compound you can probably get rid of the blemishes.

    • wet sand with what grit?

    • Depends on how bad...

    • I use 1200 because it is what i had but i think my neighbor uses 600. Then buff it out after

    • If it's light, I would do 2000 grit by hand wet sand then buff with a good paste and low rumble tool.

    • Just take it a little at a time so you dont burn through

    • And this will clean up the runs and orange peel and I won't have to paint them agin? So some polish and polishing cloth should fix it all? Sand paper at autozone/advance?

    • Somthing like maguires has one that will cut a little more of a buffing compound. You can do.it by hand but works better with a buffer. So it all depends on how bad the peal and runs are.

    • YouTube will be your best friend in this. Sandpaper can be found in any automotive, hardware, or auto section of bug box store.

    • Wow, I do airbrush painting and...Yes I let that work for professional painters. Hehehehe