I seek bags for zzr 1400 2008

I seek bags for zzr 1400 2008


  • What sort of thing you after mate?

  • givi, sharp...

  • Panniers?

  • yes panniers

  • Fair enough mate. I tour alot and find that a roll bag (Givi) a top box and tank bag are far easier to use than panniers. The bike also stays narrow for filtering etc without panns. I have used them in the past, but prefer my streamlined system ;)

    http://northwestmotorcyclesdir ect.com/image/cache/catalog/pr oduct-images/givi/WP402-GIVI-D ry-Roll-Bag-30L-WATERPROOF-mou nted-1000x1000.jpg

  • My system !! ;)

  • Hmm. I prefer the £22 79 litre dry bag from Go outdoors and a spider net.

  • Fair play Lee. A tank bag isn't for everyone. Seems to suit me well. Awful cross/head wind coming back into northern Spain. I was able to rest my chin on the tank bag in the 'cocoon' area behind the MRA screen!! Could have had a kip as I was that comfy.... Probs not a good idea thought!! ;)

  • Dunno why but I do get major buffeting with a tank bag which is a shame because a tank bag is handy, I too like leaning on one.

  • Agreed Lee. I put all my day to day crap in the tank bag. It's like my ZZR 'handbag'!!! lol!!! ;)