I saw the stupidest thing so far from a motorcyclist Waiting at a mini...


I saw the stupidest thing so far from a motorcyclist. Waiting at a mini roundabout a twit comes past on a m'bike with plastic carrier bags of shopping hanging on each forearm...

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  • Sounds just ducky to me.

  • That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard of anyone doing on a bike.

    I'd have used bags for life, much stronger.

  • You can carry anything on a bike!

  • Even one of these!

  • No stop it! Lol

  • That last one is a budget caravan...

  • The other day I saw a commuting bicyclist on a Victoria city street, riding with no hands,lit fag in right hand, coffee in left!!

  • lol unbelievable.

  • twats come with two and four wheels...

  • Yeah, I need to get a pic of that guy, but then I'd probably crash - and get charged with operating an electronic device while driving!