The CBR is my wife s


The CBR is my wife's

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  • Welcome Marc! How did you find the ride with the Sports Bars compared to stock?

  • It's definitely a more forward and aggressive riding position that I find to be comfortable too, but still not as forward and aggressive as a zx6r or similar bike. You still keep the more dramatic turn/lock out that you don't have on say an older 636. Very happy with them.

    If you get them, I recommend looking at the instructions provided and then pulling up a video or two and kinda reading between the lines to figure what to do next lol the paper instructions were shit, the best video I found was the dude showing off the bars after installation and just listing what he unscrewed and did that was different from the paper lol would've been fine except that there were inaccuracies in both guides where I had to just work through it. Don't let that dissuade you from doing it yourself though.

    I'll take better pictures of the bike with the sport bars later today and put them up. I had started late so when I finished the installation it was pretty dark out lol

  • In addition, while I did have to rotate my brake line, I didn't have to bleed the brakes like everyone seems to insist on. You can loosen the bolt by just a quarter turn or even less and it's enough to give the line enough play to rotate. No need to pull it all the way off and allow air into your line. Now, the line is in the way of dash while turning to the left, but you don't look at it while turning anyhow, unless you're trying to crash lol

  • LOL....yeah just how much turning would you do at speed?

    I have them installed and you're right the instructions aren't the best. I used the same video you did I believe. Guy with a grey 650?

    Since it's winter in this part of Canada STILL, (lol) I just installed them a few months ago but haven't done anything but sitting on the bike so I like getting feedback from riders who have already tested them on the road.

  • For turning I was referring to a very slow speed turn lol I'd certainly hope you're not twisting your bars all crazy while going faster!

  • I get warmer sunny weather year round so I ride right through winter

  • Yeah....I saw you're in Texas... :-)