I relaced and trued almost the rear wheel a couple of weeks ago It was my...

I relaced and trued (almost) the rear wheel a couple of weeks ago. It was my first attempt ever and surprisingly, it wasn't difficult. Took me all of three hours. Much better than with the old spokes (one broken) and jammed nipples (pun unintended).

  • Now I've heard other folk blather about broke sppkes, I check tension on mine WEEKLY. In 52+k no issues ;-)

  • I also regularly check them, sometimes some need a bit of retensioning, but so far nothing broken. And my wheels are probably under heavier load, certainly when the third one stays up for a while :-)...

  • How do you determine they need retensioning ?

  • Put the motorcycle on the centerstand so you can spin the wheel. I use my small spoke wrench to "tap" on each spoke as I slowly spin the wheel. You will be able to hear ther difference between the tight and loose spokes. Trust me ... You'll hear the difference. :)

  • Okay... Well thanks. I got four of them broken, I guess I'll have to do something... :/