I read something about Kawasaki s slipclutch for power control But is it...


I read something about Kawasaki's slipclutch for power control. But is it normal my clutch slips when I go flat out and shift gears 1-2-3-4 at 13.000rpm? It continues slipping when I shift and my rpm's stay high.

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  • Knackered clutch I guess...

  • Same problem

  • Not necessarily so. Don't be too quick to change your plates. You need to take them out and check the condition against the settings in the manual. If your clutch has been slipping, you may have burnt some plates (which you would be best replacing), but also these have a hydraulic clutch, and the slipping is due to a sticky piston in the slave unit. My advice; 'check' the condition of your plates. Remove the slave unit, clean the piston and underneath the seal, replace your clutch fluid. Try that!

  • Thanks for the tip Andrew David Gregg

  • I had the same problem. I replaced the steels and the friction plates and it still slipped. I then replaced the seals in the slave cylinder and cleaned it all, replaced the fluid and that did it. I got the parts from Kawasaki, for those it wasn't much difference in price to aftermarket ones so I went with OEM!

  • Thanks, if anyone interested, Im restoring mine and selling it by summer. Its located in the Netherlands, but if you think its worth the shipping. Holla at me! Btw, Im repainting it. Any ideas in the colour?

  • Original green and white! You can get reproduction decals from Graham at the imageworks for about £70

  • Ill google that, I was thinking of black and green with original decals. Btw, its an American Import, so the dash is in miles. 1993 L model.

  • It's a shame the freight would be so much!

  • Thats what Im going for... all black and a little kawa green to freighten people... no monster energy crap btw.