I picked up a older kx parts bike late 80s or early 90s and was wondering if...

I picked up a older kx parts bike ( late 80s or early 90s) and was wondering if anyone knows if the rear shock is innerchangable with a 99 kdx. Looks identical just looking at it.

Pic is what happend to my rear shock

  • Can't answer about the shock, but I can say that your shock broke because there's bits missing - usually one or both of the spacers/seals on the linkage.

    Fix this or you'll do the same to the new shock.

  • What model is the parts bike ?

  • Shock for 89 and up will work..

  • Older kx. Not sure what size

  • Thanks

  • Looking at parts breakdowns late 80's 125's and 250's run the same shock at least up to your model the 99 KDX

  • Got the frame number? It will make this discussion a lot more useful.

    If it's got a perimeter frame, then it's 90+ 125/250.

    If it doesn't have a perimeter frame, then it's pre-90 (or later KX500, which are the same as the 89 model anyhow).

  • Do you mean the v.i.n. #? Heres the frame

  • That's an 89 250 or 500 (doesn't matter which - what's left is pretty much identical between the two).

    Now, I'm pretty sure the 89 KX shock will bolt into the 99 KDX frame, but I have a strong suspicion that the reservoir is in the wrong spot - the 95+ has a low-boy pipe that runs under the bottom of the reservoir, while the older KX runs the pipe over the top of the reservoir.

    You will easily see the difference (if there is one, and I haven't gone crazy) just by looking at the two shocks.

  • Thanks. The resevoir positioning looks the same.

  • Ill update you as to how well it fits when i get it swapped. Hopefully the linkage on the kx will provide the parts needed to keep the new shock from breaking.

  • Harvested from google, but I believe this to be correct:

  • Also from google, but I know this is what an 89 KX shock looks like. Note the difference in the up/down positioning of the reservoir on the shock body:

  • Damn i see what your sayin.

  • Theres alittle wiggle room there but i dont think it will work.

  • Could you swap out the broken clevis end from the donor bike to the your broken shock ?

  • I suppose i could. I have a bad experience with tho...we did that with my brother in laws shock for his rm an the needle inside the shock came out and spewd shock oil all over us..lol

  • Dont know if this is much help but this is on my 2002 kdx

  • Go to Kawasaki.com parts. There is a place to put in the serial number and it will bring up the year and model and the parts list.

  • It will happen again. You could avoid it by degassing the shock (through the schrader valve on the reservoir) before removing the clevis.

    But I'd be much happier pulling the shock apart and being able to check that the rebound adjuster is seating/opening properly after the clevis had been swapped.

    The added bonus is that with fresh oil, your shock will work much better and last longer.

  • Ya i plan on goin that rout and rebuilding it while im at it.

  • For future reference, the clevis off the donor shock will not fit. The shaft is a larger diameter.

  • Interesting. What about the body diameter?

  • Good idea....I didnt think about checking that. I will let u know.

  • Can anyone tell me what is the 112.5 numbering on the linkage? Maybe a lenth? If that is the case, is it possible to swop it out for a different lenth one to lower it? I'm a bit physically challenged lenth wise