I need to ask some advice and I know this is a N00b question how do you...


I need to ask some advice, and I know this is a N00b question... how do you tighten the chain, and is it vital the torque be right on the rear spindle when tightening it all back up?

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  • the service manual is here, it explains the procedure in there.


  • I asked a bike mechanic the question about torque and it's not that critical, but it does have to be very very tight...about as tight as you can get it with a 40-50 cm lever..

  • in a nutshell (but refer to manual, ignore bit about the adjustment markers though, they're useles):

    Put bike on centre stand

    slacken spindle castle nut right off(after removing split pin)

    slacken brake right off at the drum

    undo the nut on the torsion bar (the solid bar that connects to the brake drum)

    undo lock nuts on the adjusters (at ends of the swing arm)

    make very small equal adjustments on both sides - wheel alignment is important and dont want to mess that up or will need to re-align it.

    clockwise to pull wheel back and hence tighten chain

    don't over do it - need 30-40mm play up and down in the middle of the chain.

    tighten lock nuts when happy.....do the rest in reverse and adjust the brake to a point where the wheel will spin free and a slight push on the pedal will stop it

  • the above is a rough guide and I'm sure others will have tips and suggestions

  • oh if you've over done it, turn the adjuster nuts anti clockwise and kick the wheel forward

  • Don't forget to find the tight spot in the chain and make sure one at the top center or it will knackered your drive bearings over time , every chain has a tight point new or old .

  • Don't forget to have a pin through the nut to make sure it can't work loose