I made my own mirror extenders today. I used 0. 25 x 1 aluminum barstock

I made my own mirror extenders today. I used 0.25" x 1" aluminum barstock.

  • It's my other bike :)

  • Wish I still had my '01 KLR.

  • This one is a 93. Fun bike, but I like speed of the versys too.

  • Use bar plate like that, not making vibration on the mirror bro?

  • The mirrors are actually vibrating less now. I was surprised.

  • Wow! Nicework,

  • cheap and good :)

  • If I did more off roading, I would have kept my KLR. It was going to the dealership for a choke cable for it, when I saw the KLE. Read the reviews, and a day later made my decision to trade.

  • Just a note from my personal experience: be careful with Al, as It's very rigid, and may break at an unexpected point! Better add some grams, and opt for a malleable metal. At least for a prototype. Should it bend, you know what forces are at play... :)

  • Also, adding rubber rings should help kill micro vibes.